Keep your vital business data safe

Should you protect your own data...

If you are managing your service business using a traditional computer program or spreadsheet, you must take care of your data!

  • Have you backed up your data?

    If your computer breaks down, you have potentially lost all your data if the hard drive has crashed. It may be possible to recover data from a broken hard drive, but it can be expensive and time-consuming to do.

  • How often do you backup your data?

    Once a week? Once a month? You have to be prepared to lose any data entered since you last backed up.

  • Have you checked that you can recover your data from a backup?

    Backup files can be corrupted just like any other file. They can also become obsolete with upgrades to your software.

  • Do you store your backups in a different location to your computer?

    Your backups won't help you if they are destroyed by fire or flood, or stolen at the same time as your computer.

  • Do you still have the install disk for the software you use?

    If not, you can probably download it from the internet these days, but do you still have the licence key needed to unlock the software?

  • Is your computer protected from power cuts or surges?

    Your data could be corrupted if your computer loses power while saving. You should connect your computer to a UPS

  • Are you protected from computer viruses and hackers?

    You should have virus protection for your computer, or malicious software could cause your data to be lost or corrupted. If you are connected to a WiFi Router, you need to make sure it is adequately secured to prevent hackers accessing your network and possibly the files on your computer.

...or leave it to Aworka?

Manage your business using Aworka in your web browser and take advantage of our remote infrastructure to keep your data safe and available at all times.

  • Dedicated Servers

    Aworka runs on multiple computers or 'Servers'. These servers only run Aworka, so are not exposed to many of the risks faced by home or office computing, e.g. email viruses or web based scams.

  • Data Mirroring

    Your data is written to multiple hard drives, which means that your data isn't affected by individual hard drive failure. The failed drive is replaced and the system repairs itself automatically, without interruption to service. The configuration used is RAID level 10.

  • Hardware Firewalls

    Servers are protected by sophisticated data firewalls to prevent unauthorised access or hacker attacks.

  • Power Protection

    Each server has two power supplies so that if one fails, it can be replaced without powering down the server. In the event of short power outages or glitches, servers switch to battery power. For longer power cuts, a diesel generator can provide power to the data-centre indefinitely. In all cases, no data is lost and there is no interruption to service.

  • Fire Protection & Security

    The data-centre employs automated fire suppression equipment, monitored CCTV and key entry systems.

  • Daily Backup

    The Aworka database is synchronised every day to two other locations, both of which replicate the data across a RAID

  • Export Your Data

    As a final measure, you are encouraged to export your data from Aworka to your own computer to create your own backups.